A New Cadence in October, John Walsh, from Galway, Ireland!

A New Cadence Poetry Series


John Walsh

reading from his poetry

Tuesday, October 5th
Felix Kulpa Gallery
107 Elm Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(Behind Streetlight Records)

Admission is free

John Walsh was born in Derry, Ireland. After living in Germany for sixteen years, he now lives and writes in Connemara. He has published three collections of poetry, Johnny tell Them (Guildhall Press, 2006), Love’s Enterprise Zone (Doire Press, 2007) and Chopping Wood with T.S. Eliot (Salmon Poetry, 2010). He is organiser of North Beach Poetry Nights in Galway, Ireland’s leading performance poetry event, and is director of Doire Press, a small literary publisher in the west of Ireland.

Contact Jim Maughn at jamaughn@cabrillo.edu for more information.


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