A New Cadence 2011- Spring Line-Up


A New Cadence Poetry Series, Spring 2011 Series:
All Readings take place at Felix Kulpa Gallery, 107 Elm Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 @ 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted:

Saturday, January 22nd – Genine Lentine and Lauren Shufran

Monday, February 7th – Lisa Samuels and Alta Ifland

Saturday, February 19th – Joshua McKinney and Tim Kahl

Saturday, March 12th – Aaron Belz and Jake J. Thomas

Saturday, March 19th – Diane K. Martin, Ish Klein, Robert Fernandez

Saturday, April 2rd – Juliana Leslie, Andrea Rexilius, and Eric Baus

Saturday, April 23rd – Jamaal May and Xochiquetzal Candeleria

Saturday, May 7th – Josef Kaplan and Michael Scharf

Saturday, May 21th – Free Rein: Andrew Joron, Brian Lucas, and Joseph Noble

Saturday. June 18th – James Meetze and Emily Carr


Okir said...


Your new Cadence blog is gorgeous. One thing, though -- I'm no longer blogging at Okir (see link). I'm now at


Okir said...

Hmm... I just realized, though, that whenever I comment, Wordpress automatically shows my old handle. Gotta figure out how to change that.


Jim Maughn said...


Thank you! I'll make the change as soon as I figure out how I listed the blogs in the first place...